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Cannabis Edibles are (nearly) here

At long last, Cannabis edibles are finally arriving in Alberta's Cannabis Stores Monday January 13, including at everyones favourite Inglewood Cannabis Store Aylmer Nelson (That's us!) right here in Calgary. Due to the Alberta Governments review (boo) of it's vaping regulations, there will be no disposable vape pens just yet. 

However, you will find a nice variety of cannabis edibles in the form chocolates, gummies (Aka.Soft Chews)mints, cookies & more from some of your favourite producers (San Raf & Aurora) as well as some new players in the market (we're excited about Foray & Kolab Project by Auxly Cannabis Group). 

As always, don't forget to peek at our menu to see what's available today.

what will be available at Aylmer Nelson come 4pm Monday:


  • Vanilla Chai |10mg THC (Blend)
  • Dark Chocolate | 10mg THC (Blend)
  • Salted Caramel 1:1 | 10mg THC/10mg CBD (Blend)


  • Milk Chocolate | 10mg THC (Sativa)
  • Cookies(!) | 10mg THC (Blend)
  • Dark Chocolate | 10mg THC (Sativa)

Chowie Wowie

  • Chowie Wowie Chocolate | 10mg THC (Blend)

Soft Chews (AKA. Gummies) & Other

  • Raspberry Vanilla | 10mg THC/ 4mg CBD
  • Pineapple Orange | 40mg CBD
  • Grapefruit Hibiscus | 10mg THC
  • Apple Green Tea | 2mg THC/10mg CBD


  • Drift Chillers (Mints) | 10mg THC
  • Drift Soft Chew | 10mg THC

San Raf

  • Soft Chew (Sativa) | 10mg THC