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Coming Monday: Vape Pens and cartridges!

An update from Aylmer Nelson Cannabis, a Cannabis Retail Store located at 1309 9 Ave SE Inglewood, Calgary Alberta that sells THC & CBD flower, edibles, Vape pens and tinctures along with a carefully chosen line of accessories.

We are excited to announce we will be receiving our first shipment of vape pens and cartridges this Monday and they will be available in store and for online ordering starting from 4 Pm. We are excited to be bringing in an initial run of product from established Alberta suppliers Top Leaf, Sundial, San Rafael , and Aurora.

Important Sidenote: We Also have a sizeable shipment of edibles arriving. + other goodies.

What will be available?

Vape Pens


  • Tangerine Dream | San Raf
  • Sativa Blend | Aurora Drift


  • Pink Kush | San Raf

Vape Cartridges


  • Citrus Punch | Sundial
  • Lemon Riot | Sundial
  • Tangerine Dream | San Raf
  • Sativa Blend | Aurora Drift


  • Strawberry Cream | Top Leaf
  • Jager OG | Top Leaf
  • Pink Kush | San Raf
  • Indica Blend | Aurora Drift

What else is new this week?

Along with our usual array of diverse and exciting products, we have a couple new kids on the block this week to try out.

KKE Jean Guy Oil

From the same company that brought us Sensi Star Oil , their Jean Guy variation is sure to be a cant miss. (Jean guy is known for its creativity enhancing ability0

Bhang Milk & Dark THC Chocolates

The first products we've seen from Bhang , a successful cannabis brand originating from Florida brought north of the border by our friends at Vivo Cannabis.

See you in Inglewood!