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Dosist Dose Pens & Pax Era Pods Coming Monday

An update from Aylmer Nelson Cannabis, a Cannabis Retail Store located at 1309 9 Ave SE Inglewood, Calgary Alberta that sells THC & CBD flower, edibles, Vape pens and tinctures along with a carefully chosen line of accessories.

Get at us this coming monday as we unleash Dosist vape pens and Pax Era vape pods!

About Dosist

The award-winning dose pen is engineered to deliver a precise 2.25mg dose, taking the guesswork out of your cannabis experience. Try one of six available need state formulas ,Bliss,Rest,Calm,Soothe,Arouse,Passion.

ANC will have the following available:

Rest,Soothe, Calm, Arouse

Consistent dose.

Dose pen controls air-flow and heating, so you get the same dose consistently.

Time controlled.

Measure a complete dose at three seconds; after that, the dose pen automatically shuts off.

Slight vibration.

The dose pen will alert you of a complete 2.25mg dose with a slight vibration.

About Pax Era

Basically the Juul of weed vapes. It provides superior control over temperature ranges and combines with dual wick and leak-resistant pods to deliver the most flavorful and consistently satisfying taste yet. Era is built with only the highest-performance parts, with a built-in rechargeable battery. Backed by a 1-year Limited Warranty.

ANC will have the following available monday from 4pm: